Body Positive Painting

Do you have this lady friend who is gorgeous, kind, funny, witty, and seriously beautiful, but who can’t get past herso-called “flaws” ? As in her arms are too this or her hair not that enough, she wishes her belly would be firmer (let’s be honest, nobody ever wishes for a squishier belly, do they ?), her nose less pointy, her eyes not such a funny color (what is a funny eye color ?), her leg hair less black ? Maybe she has scars who hurts, physically or/ and emotionnaly ?

Scars are sometimes not that visible, they can still be difficult to accept
Four tiny scars, four red fish. Photo and bodypainting : Les Pinceaux de la Licorne

Maybe you are this lady friend ?

Bodies are hard to love

I have never met a woman who loved her whole body. I have never met a woman who would tell me there was nothing she’d rather be different.

I include myself in this : I wish my mommy squishy belly were flatter, I wish my pregnancy weight would finally go away (7 years breastfeeding were supposed to make this a breeze, and somehow it didn’t), I wish my very first wrinkles were not starting to show (when I’m trying to paint my own face and looking at it really closely in the magnifying mirror). I wish my boobs were still 20 years old.

But I am not 20 any more, and that’s great, because my mind is not either. I grew. My body grew, my body changed. My body made and fed two humans.

My best friends tell me I’m beautiful. They tell me my eyes shine, they tell me my boobs are sexy. They tell me my hair is soft and shiny (even though I didn’t take time to take care of it in forever because – I’m a mom).

A young woman is amazed by her back Dragon bodypainting
Photo Cassia di Marzo – dragon Les Pinceaux de la Licorne

I believe them.

Be your best friend.

I am trying to be more like my best friends. First, because I don’t know when I will get a full weekend with them – motherhood, careers, geography, pandemics all go in the way of that. Second, because I’m spending a lot of time with myself. (not alone, though. Kids.) Might as well make it a good time.

Bodypainting has helped me see the beauty in myself. Reading about body positivity has helped too. Chatting with coach friends helped a LOT. Meeting amazing photographers and seeing myself on candid, lively, beautiful photos was life changing.

It took years, though.

It is a journey.

Would you like to take the first step of your journey with me ? We can have a chat about it.