Easy Spring crafts for locked down children

As a homeschooling mom (and former high school teacher), I can tell you : staying at home with your children is HARD, especially when trying to get stuff done at the same time. Which is why I tried to almost never do it before lockdown. Museums, parks, playgrounds, friends’ houses, “real” homeschooling is very seldom at home.

I feel you.

I also feel myself : lockdown means no museums, fewer accessible parks and no friends’ houses, and this is hard.

Fortunately for me, I do have a lot of practice in crafts at home. Fortunately for you, I like to share.

I try to celebrate time and seasons, because I believe this enables children to build their time litteracy, and because it helps my creativity. Here are a few Spring crafts to try with your children !

Those are crafts we made between last year’s lockdown and this one, with my children and sometimes their friends ( 3 to 7).

Paper flowers for your windows

You will need white and colored paper, cissors and a glue stick.

Cut 2 (ideally identical) circles for the heart of the flower, and several paper strips for the petals.
Then fold (loosely) the strips and glue them to one of the circles. When your flower is finished, glue the second circle on top.

Ta-da !

3-years-old Arthur making a paper flower all by himself
Finished paper flower

These flower make a cute spring window decor ! Use blue tak or double sided tape to secure them to the window, and add a masking tape, chalk marker or paper stem if you like.
You can even add spring insects another day !

Family hands birds

You will need construction paper (white or colored) or cereal boxes, paint or markers, feathers, twigs, bits of yarn, and whatever you like.

Ask each member of the family to draw around their hands, then carefully cut the hands out (the paper ones, please). Using the thumb as a neck / head, transform the paper hands into birds ! You can use paints (acrylics or watercolor or whatever you have around), markers, or anything really.

Glue the bords on a large construction paper, and build a comfy nest for your bird family ! We used soft foam stickers, feathers , little bits of yarn, but you could add pompoms, cotton balls, anything you have lying around.

I’ve found this craft to be pretty therapeutic too, helping my anxious children feel safe at home.

Spring paint butterflies

This craft can be a bit messy, but it’s a lot of fun – and the results can be very pretty !

I made these butterflies, not my children. I mean, I made my children, AND the butterflies, but the children did not make these butterflies. They did make some butterflies though. Just not these ones.

You will need construction paper (or cereal boxes), paint (I used acrylics paints, you could use poster paint or finger paints or whatever. It needs to come in tubes / pots though, no watercolor palettes for this craft!)

Choose a few color that go well together. Try not to mix complementary colors such as green and red, blue and orange, purple and yellow, as you’d get a whole lot of muddy brown butterflies. We added gold and silver acrylics because I just love those.

Fold your paper in two – I used A4 sheets, cut lenghtwiise and then folded lentghwise again – then open it again.
On one side of the fold, drop blobs of paint, associating the colours as you like, then fold the paper and press to mix / spread the paint.

When you open your paper, you should see something pretty !

Add more paint if needed or until you’re bored with it.

Leave the papers dry (open !) while you clean the brushes, the table, floor, chairs, your children’s hands, their hair, and your bathroom.

When your colorful papers are dry, fold them again and draw half butterflies on the folded side (this is important). Cut them out (paper still folded) and open : voilà ! You just made a colorful, perfectly symmetrical fluttery butterfly !

Add a few more, glue them on a card (you can clue both sides or just one, like I did) and… Send your card to someone who loves Spring !

These butterflies were made by my 7 years old daughter. As you can see, we did try the green-and-red thing because my daughter never listens to my advice.

If you’re like me, you’ll keep the remaining painted papers for another craft, because they’re so pretty.

Three 3 easy spring crafts

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