Celebrate Earth Day (April 22th)

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. On that day, a number of environmental actions take place, obviously – online or in person. It is also a good day to celebrate Earth, our Environment and Biodiversity.

Here are a few ideas of celebration for children and grownups !

Recycled crafts

You could try making recycled paper from egg cartons or old drawings (warning : it’s a very messy craft and you’ll have paper drying for a little while, but it’s super cool !). When it’s all dry, decorate the card you made and send love to your friends and family !

And why not include flower petals to make your recycled cards even cooler – or even small seeds so they can plant the card – and turn them into flowers ? Bees would love that – and we love bees.

If you’re not into the messy part of recycling, turn old magazines into cute little baskets – here’s how.

Recycled magazine paper basket
I liked the colors on that catalogue – the paper was quite nice and sturdy, it was perfect for this project !

You’ll find more crafts ideas using the content of your recycle bin on my Pinterest board here.

Coloring page

There is no passenger on Spaceship Earth. We’re all crew. – Marshall McLuhan

I designed a cool (according to myself) Earth Day coloring page – and added some cool (according to myself) quotes. You can get them all here !

(You can get all my other coloring pages here)

Have cookies

My friend Veronica makes the cutest cookies (and they taste good too!) and this month she made amazing Earth Day ones.

Things to listen to

We’re big fans of podcasts in this family ! Because we are French, our favourite are in this language. On environmental subjects, my children (especially my 7 years old daughter) likes OLMA (about Science in general, but very Ecology oriented) and Bestioles (fun and true stories about animals).

Things to watch

Ecology can be quite stressful to children – my daughter felt very depressed after we watched Our Planet for example. She still loved it, but she needed to find ways to help.

We’ve loved (in French) the latest season of C’est Toujours Pas Sorcier ! They cover a variety of subjects, but for Earth Day we’d watch the ones about atmospheric pollution, recycling, and the coral reefs and how to preserve them.

Saison 3 de C'est toujours pas sorcier - france.tv

Being part of the change

We tried to find ways to help her feel empowered about the environment – and I must say, apart from recycling, explaining why we did not buy as much plastic stuff as she’d like, and promising to get involved in associations (which we haven’t done yet because of covid and because she’s just 7), I’m at a loss here. I’d love to hear your ideas !

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